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Use Alignable to Market Your Business

Use Alignable to market your business online today. Alignable is a fast-growing social network with a tightly focused objective. The site's primary purpose is for local business owners to build up referral networks based on trusted relationships. Alignable makes it easy to connect with others in your area and refer customers to other local businesses.

Use Alignable to Market your Business

Setting up an Alignable Account is Easy

It's simple to set up a business account on Alignable. To gain access to this growing business networking website, enter your email address (use your primary business contact email) and click through to register. Once you've done that, you will be able to fill out your profile.

It's always a sound idea to add as much business profile information as you can, including your website address, a profile picture, business hours, storefront or office location, contact phone numbers, Email, as well as applicable product and service offerings.

Learn How to Best Use Alignable to Market Your Business

Fortunately, Alignable is a networking site devoted solely to the business. Unlike other social networks, business profiles don't play second fiddle to personal accounts. Alignable platform users don't have to sort through personal, unrelated interactions with family or friends to find business contacts. LinkedIn is similar because it allows many business-related interactions; however, it primarily remains an online destination for employers and job seekers.

All good things on social networks, including Alignable, begin with making connections. Having a plan to increase connections will require consistent effort and regular updates.

Inviting your current list of contacts is a great way to boost your efforts. If they already have a presence on Alignable, the automated system will send a notice. If not, they'll receive an invitation to join the site and connect to your network. If you already have an extensive contact list, this is a way to boost your standing.

Discover Best Practices for using Alignable to Market Your Business

For optimal results, it's best to stay active and utilize the site features to build your profile, credibility and boost your networking opportunities. Here are some of the different ways to leverage your company on Alignable:

· Use the recommendation system.

· Ask and answer community questions.

· Announce your new products or events your company is holding.

· Use the built-in messaging system to stay in touch with other users.

· Check your notifications.

· Upgrade to a premium account to maximize your membership benefits.

Raise Your Profile With Recommendations

Recommendations boost your profile and improve your business credibility. When you recommend others, it does the same for them. People in your network get notified when you get a recommendation, getting your name in front of potential prospects and leads. Of course, there's no reason to overdo recommendations, but if you've had good results with other small business owners on Alignable, your feedback is valuable.

Use Alignable to Market Your Business
Alignable is a social network for local businesses.

Questions and Answers Increase Communications

The Questions and answer feature on Alignable is unique. Answering other people's questions helps establish credibility and professionalism. Conversely, asking questions sparks conversations and elevates your profile. Being active in the question and answer sections will lead to more interaction with others and help your profile's growth.

Announce your New Events and Products to Increase Interest

Alignable platform users can announce new products, services, and events to their network. It's a direct way to solicit new Business. Announcements show others that your Business is making moves and that they should pay attention. Events are an excellent way to show your expertise to those interested in learning more about your company. Alignable also offers paid ways, such as local newsletter sponsorship, to boost your announcements to a broader audience.

Communicate Consistently

Alignable makes it easy to communicate with others, so it's worth sending and receiving messages to build contacts. Naturally, you don't want to go crazy and spam messages, but sending well-thought-out messages to potential prospects at the right times sparks conversations and builds relationships.

Pay Attention to Notifications

Alignable sends notification alerts that help you stay on top of communications. You don't want to miss out on vital messages or interactions. Alignable is all about engagement, so the more dependable your visits, the better!

Paid Options Increase Reach

Like all social networks, Alignable operates as a business, selling premium memberships and advertising options to those who want to accelerate their growth, further their reach, and get exclusive membership features not available to people on the free plan. Premium and Premium Plus memberships provide you with extra connection requests. You can also view who's visited your profile and gain access to the Business Owner Advice forum, which helps you learn more about other businesses on the platform.

It is Worth the Effort to use Alignable to Market your Business

Alignable is similar to other social networks in that you get more out when you put in more effort. Since interaction and engagement are the names of the game, you'll want to be present as much as possible for optimal results.

The tight focus of Alignable is a significant advantage. For people who are strictly interested in building their businesses, there's something enjoyable about the fact that the site is so on-topic. This singular devotion to a subject makes this site stand out from a crowded field of competitors in the social networking space.

Establishing and maintaining an Alignable profile is a worthwhile endeavor for nearly all small to medium-sized businesses - especially those with a local presence. It would be foolish to ignore the opportunity!

You may find that referrals from others become a staple in your marketing efforts. Word of mouth marketing through referrals and personal recommendations remains one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your company.

Alignable offers a straightforward platform to find fresh potential leads and customers. In contrast, other well-established (and overcrowded) platforms have moved towards limiting the organic reach of users who aren't paying handsomely for coverage.

If you haven't added Alignable to your small business marketing efforts, now's the time to establish your profile and use best practices to build a strong network. The site has excellent features to help you increase your word of mouth marketing, establish more credibility, and significantly increase your online reach.

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