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Use MeWe to Market Your Business

Use MeWe to market your business online today. MeWe is starting to gain popularity with mainstream audiences, which is excellent news for anyone seeking new platforms to explore. Facebook and Instagram are reaching the point of saturation. There are few opportunities for low-cost organic marketing, enabling the networks to force marketers to pay more to extend their messaging reach.

Use MeWe to Market Your Business

Who Uses MeWe?

MeWe is gaining popularity as users migrate from highly moderated platforms like Twitter and Facebook. While MeWe doesn't make claims to be a free speech network, the platform appears more tolerant of opposing views and self-promotion than other outlets.

Not surprisingly, this fresh approach netted MeWe 2.5 million new members during one busy week in January.

The platform has doubled its userbase each year since 2016 - quite an impressive feat! That's the type of meteoric growth that attracts others to join in on the fun.

Use MeWe to Market Your Business

MeWe has 15.5 million active members, half of these users hail from the United States the other half of users are worldwide.

The platform has twenty different language translations and is Hong Kong's number one social app.

MeWe's founder outlined the platform rules as 

No Ads!  No Targeting! No Political Bias! No Newsfeed Manipulation! and NO BS!

Savvy users who can follow those guidelines should have no problem growing a good following on the site.
MeWe, like most fast-growing networks, allows people to build an audience of followers.

Establishing a MeWe Business Page

MeWe offers business pages similar to those provided on Facebook. However, the most notable difference between the MeWe and Facebook platforms is an ad-free option.

For $1.99 monthly, business owners can manage their pages, and their user data is kept private and not available for sale.

What Differentiates MeWe From Competitors?

MeWe's ad-free option cuts it apart from other mainstream social networks. Facebook and Twitter sell or make user data available to third parties, which drives a large share of their revenues. MeWe prioritizes privacy, so that type of data sharing won't happen. 

Since it is an ad-less platform, membership subscriptions support and grow the service.

How to Use MeWe to Market Your Business

Fortunately, there's a relatively short learning curve when using MeWe. Hashtags and groups, long the key to success on Facebook and other prominent platforms, are frequently used in MeWe. Users can join groups and engage with other members for thoughtful self-promotion and lead generation.

Ways to Build Your Presence on MeWe

All of these tactics are straightforward, but like building your online presence at any network, they require time and consistent effort.

Always pay attention to the culture, rules, and site norms. You have to be likable! Anyone who wants to significantly spread their messaging needs to understand their audience and objectives.

Few Metrics are More Crucial Than Engagement

Participating in conversations, adding thought-provoking commentary, and paying attention is the best way to increase engagement. If your content is not gaining traction, then you'll need to make adjustments. Once you find the right note to hit, you'll see it becomes much easier for your shares to spread. By monitoring your metrics, you can make adjustments as needed to adapt to your audience's preferences.

When social media was very new, the concept of having a large follower count was essential to companies and marketers. It made sense. If they could get the most people to follow their profiles, they had more influence than competitors. That is turning out untrue, as engagement sets the gold standard of social media interactions. You don't need tons of followers if you have a core group of engaged supporters.

Three methods to increase engagement on MeWe

Offer a fun atmosphere.

Remain professional but keep in mind that people want to socialize.

Create original content.

Don't follow the crowd, be unique and they'll come back for more.

Post video content.

Motion catches the eye and grabs the attention of the viewer

These are simple approaches, but they will help any new Me We user accelerate their reach and influence. There's little point in pushing content that's not receiving warm responses. If people don't share or comment, that's a sign you need to make adjustments to your strategy. If others are hostile, you better rethink your plan! Paying attention to crucial post metrics is the way to determine whether your overall strategy is effective.

MeWe is a Fresh Market Ready for New Ideas

Use MeWe to Market Your Business

One fantastic thing about new social networks is users get a chance to set things up right from the start. There are no terrible karma points from years of mismanagement. Instead, you can enter with a fresh slate and a precise plan to achieve business objectives. MeWe represents new territory and a growth opportunity instead of making headway on the most established social media networks.

Early adopters tend to get a firm footing. However, that ship has long set sail for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. That's why focusing on emerging market players will yield the best results. There's still time to create an impressive MeWe profile, especially when you put all the right pieces into place.

Suppose you want to use MeWe to market your business but don't have time or the interest in learning all about a new network or putting in tons of effort to establish your presence. In that case, it's probably time to consider turning it over to a professional social media marketing expert.

Contact The Social Media Lady today to discover how our MeWe business marketing services help businesses generate leads and revenue.

MeWe is a growing social platform that's barely hit its potential, and our social media specialists are here to help you succeed!

"If you decide to go, then you got to just get on with it. Sit back, enjoy the ride. You got to plant both your feet on the ground and start living life." ~ Matt Kowalski, Gravity 2013

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