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How to Market your Mobile RV Repair Business

Do you want to know how to market your mobile RV repair business? Of course, you do. That's why you clicked on this article.

You know the feeling. You pull into a new campground in a new town in a new state, and you need to start putting cash back into the gas/diesel fund. You have a highly sought-after skill, but people have to know you are here and available for work. How do you let potential customers know that you are ready for work?

In-Person Marketing your Mobile RV Repair Business

Locate all of the local RV Campgrounds, resorts, and parks. Depending on the length of time you will be in the area, create a spreadsheet (or Google Sheet) with contact information for each area.

  1. Speak with the location owners/office managers to let them know where you are and the services you offer.
  2. Ask to leave a stack (5-10) business cards at the front desk or where people check-in.
  3. Drive through the park daily at peak hours (5-7pm) slowly so that people can see your information.
RV Tech Hero Business Card

Social Media Marketing of your Mobile RV Repair Business.

Find your new community. Market to that community.

  1. Search for local groups. Use names of the different neighborhoods and towns. Join those groups that allow you to promote your services and match your customers' likes/interests. Share your promotional content with these groups.
  2. Take turns tagging and checking in to the local campgrounds in your daily posts. Friendly note: Do not tag/check in to more than one campground, resort, or park per post.
  3. Take advantage of hashtags! Facebook now appreciates hashtags the way Instagram and Twitter have over the last several years. Hashtags help people find you! You can use multiple campground names, towns, and local attractions as hashtags on your posts to help locals find you.

Overall Digital Media Strategy.

I'm not going to deep dive into the importance of a solid digital marketing strategy. That is for another blog. It should include a webpage with a list of services and a way to capture leads. It should also include a consistent social media publishing schedule that highlights your services, asks for reviews, broadcasts your reviews, and repeatedly promotes your current geographic location.

OPEN signals at your campsite and vehicle. 

There are many options for letting folks know that you are open for business. Most sign-making companies offer thousands of varieties in types of signs, from A-frames you place on the ground in your parking area to seven-foot banners you hang off the side of your RV.

Vehicle magnets work great as well! Please check with your campground management for permission to display your sign. You may even want several types of signs so that you can adhere to those policies. 

Additional marketing materials for your Mobile RV Repair Business.

Other marketing materials you may want to keep on hand are business cards and tear-away contact flyers. You need a small, inexpensive paper that you can quickly leave behind and that potential customers can grab and take with them. I have found the tear-off contact flyers to be very effective to hang up on campground bulletin boards. You can even write the dates you will be in the area on the top of the flyer for easy reference.


RV Repair Business Digital Marketing Credentials

After reading all these tips, you may wonder what credentials I have for writing the above article. If so, please wander over to my main website or social media profiles.

The Social Media Lady has been marketing local businesses in the Shreveport/Bossier City, Lousiana area since 2014. In 2021, my family embarked upon our nomad lifestyle journey across the United States in no particular order. My husband earned his RV Technician certification from the National RV Training Academy in April of 2021. For our family to continue to travel, his mobile RV repair business must succeed. These tips are how we made that happen.

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Digital Marketing for RV Repair Businesses

Be Heard through the noise.

We know that now is a GREAT time to be in the RV repair business and soon other people will know too. Now is the time to establish your digital presence with fully integrated marketing from website to social to sales follow-up automation. We can even help you illicit more reviews and correct the bad ones before they are posted. 

Are you a small business that provides RV repair services to individual consumers (or B2C)? If so, we have developed an excellent package that posts regularly and ensures the growth of your business profiles on the major platforms.


The Social Media Lady is a constantly adapting social media agency that gets excited to exceed our clients' expectations. We serve the most value to those businesses without a social media professional on-staff.  We enjoy the unusual but can make stodgy look stimulating.  We want people to compliment your content. (C) 2020, Shreveport, Louisiana. 

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