The Production Package


Starting at $1,250.00 per month. This package is designed for mid-size companies with a marketing department in need of a social media specialist!

This package has 9-hours of special project time per month built into the package and used for blog creation, photography sessions, video content production, or other needed services.  It is fully customizable and uses the small size of our firm to adapt quickly.

  1. Social Posting
    1. Four (4) posts weekly to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Two (2) posts weekly to LinkedIn.
    2. Community monitoring and engagement.
    3. Monthly analytics. 
    4. Dedicated Social Specialist.
  2. Advertising Campaigns on Facebook & Instagram - Create, monitor, and adjust 2 Ad Campaigns  (includes minimum ad spend.)
  3. Customizable project time - up to 9 hours per month.
This package requires an initial 3-month commitment. 

If you are a busy Marketing professional managing multiple social media accounts, a website, print marketing, billboard, TV, and radio; this will make your job easier. AND we will make you look like an expert with reports for your bosses.


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