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Generate Positive Reviews and More!

Generate Positive Reviews and More!

The Social Media Lady is excited to offer a new service to our digital marketing suite of services.

Introducing Podium.

Okay, so what is Podium?

We think that the best part about it is the review generation, but it does much more. 

One Platform To Manage All Business Communication

Considering the different online platforms that consumers use today, every business needs a better way to engage and communicate with their audience and target market. In addition to instant messaging, SMS, and email campaigns, a business owner must keep up with social media comments. 


Why should you consider using Podium?


Build reputation

Your online reputation helps increase your website visitors and inquiries. Build a reputation that entices people to reach out and tell you directly about their needs because they know that you will respond quickly.

Increase sales 

It's important to convert every search inquiry into a lead, then into a sale. The key to successful lead conversion is by responding quickly. If an inquiry waits longer, they may lose interest and look for a different product or service.

Communicate with customers more effectively.

Effective messaging is the best way to connect with your target market and turn inquiries into online reviews, sales and repeat business.

Increase customer retention

Managing all your communication in one platform will make it easy for you to pick up where the conversation left off and send a personalized message to re-engage customers. In addition, by adding opt-in opportunities throughout the exchange of messages, you can also build your audience list.

Introducing ONE INBOX for all your messages

Communication is an important aspect of every business. Client calls, inquiries, and meetings take up most of a business owner's daily schedule. If you have a single inbox for all your messages and communication, wouldn't that make it easier and more convenient for you? 

Imagine opening just a single inbox for inquiries and present clients. You'll see every lead that comes in, allowing you to respond as soon as possible and making sure you catch the lead and convert them into a sale.

Podium Inbox lets you focus on the important customer conversations and not spend time checking various platforms. In addition, it's easy to organize your inbox so that it is an intuitive space for customers, with automatic categorization based on keywords in all incoming messages.

If you want all your customer conversations in one place, then you should consider Podium Inbox. It allows you to focus more on providing the best service possible without going crazy trying to keep up, going from application to application, checking emails and social media platforms for important messages.

With Podium Inbox, you can easily organize your communication with leads and customers. For example, you'll be able to mark conversations as read or unread, assign them to different employees at the same time so that everyone is kept up to date about important messages from potential clients. In addition, it's easy for you and your team members to communicate using mobile apps on Android & iOS devices while also having access via desktop applications.

Generate Positive Reviews and More!

Make it easier for your audience to leave reviews.

You can make your product even more appealing to potential buyers by gathering reviews from current and previous clients. Podium allows you to automate this process through SMS campaigns that ask customers for their feedback immediately after the service has been delivered. Fast responses show your customers that you care about what they think and are dedicated to improving customer satisfaction.

If you aren't sure what to say to ask for a review, Podium has hundreds of templates for personalized messages. Plus, you get instant notification whenever a review about your products and services is posted.

Podium also allows you to manage your reviews in one place. Reply to reviews and see everything that has been posted about you or even ask the community a question, so they respond with feedback.

What do other people say about using Podium?

"With Podium, we're able to very quickly send a message out, know who it went to, know who responded to it, who engaged with it, and know if it led to a sale. And building it took 15 minutes." – Madeline Sweeten, LA Furniture.

"We easily save 4-7 hours a week in real productivity pushing customer communication and replies via templates in Podium." – Joel Masters, Portland Window Coverings.

"We did better with Podium Webchat than we did with our previous setup. Our appointment set rate increased by 50%. We sold 300 more cars by making that switch." – Tina, Van Horn Auto.

"With Podium, the entire customer service team can request payments. That has saved $2600 a month in wages by no longer dealing with an antiquated system. I don't know what I would do without it at this point." – Ryan Levitz, Ashley Furniture.

Take better care of your customers.

If you want to take better care of your customers and ensure they get an immediate response, invest in a platform that allows you to improve your client communication. Starting at $99, the Podium starter package has everything you need to nurture and acquire leads, re-engage customers, and increase revenue.

When combined with social media services, your business will soar to the top of internet searches. 

The Social Media Lady is a constantly adapting social media agency that gets excited to exceed our clients' expectations. We serve the most value to those businesses without a social media professional on-staff.  We enjoy the unusual but can make stodgy look stimulating.  We want people to compliment your content. (C) 2020, Shreveport, Louisiana. 

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