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The Social Media Lady Team is constantly adapting our digital marketing strategies to exceed our clients' expectations. We serve the most value to those businesses without a social media professional on-staff.  We enjoy the unusual, but can make the stodgy look stimulating.  We want people to compliment your content.

The Social Media Lady 10th Anniversary

Haley Reggio Pederson, founder and owner of The Social Media Lady, began her social media journey in 2013 by managing Facebook pages for her employer, her father, and her sister. Haley is a devoted wife and mother and a resilient cancer survivor with an ongoing health journey. She wrote a book about it which you can purchase here: https://amzn.to/3wiruKo.

With a management degree from LSU in Shreveport, Haley's academic prowess laid a solid groundwork in business and people management. Her decade-long stint in outside sales, marketing, and management before venturing into social media further fortified her network and business acumen, setting the stage for her success.

The turning point in Haley’s career came in 2012 when she won a Kindle Fire in a Facebook contest hosted by Podnuh's BBQ in Shreveport, Louisiana. This experience sparked her interest in pursuing social media as a career. On May 1, 2014, she launched her social media agency, which has experienced significant growth and success. As The Social Media Lady celebrates its 10th anniversary, Haley is both proud of how far the business has come and excited for the future.

Clocking in from the bustling Philippines, Christine Novelo brings a wealth of digital marketing experience spanning over a decade to The Social Media Lady's Social Specialist team. As a dedicated mother of three, Christine has honed her skills while working from home for more than 11 years. This flexibility has allowed her to explore various roles within the digital marketing domain, from managing marketing campaigns to creating compelling graphics and overseeing social media platforms.

Outside of her work, Christine fills her days with the joyful chaos of family life, indulging in movie nights, home workouts, and her passion for cooking and baking. She finds comfort in the kitchen, where she channels her creativity and finds relaxation. An avid reader, Christine finds delight in the pages of non-fiction books, particularly those of the mystery, thriller, and romantic comedy genres.

Whether it's the appeal of a well-worn paperback or the excitement of a new release, she finds enjoyment in the world of literature. For Christine, life is about living in the moment, spreading kindness, and embracing the simple pleasures. With her positive outlook and diverse skill set, she looks forward to making a meaningful impact with The Social Media Lady team.

The Social Media Lady 10th Anniversary
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