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social media photography package

Social Media Photography Package

Good social media includes a good photography package.

The best social media marketing creates a personal connection between the people active in the company on a daily basis and the audience following. An easy way to build this bridge is with photos of staff, actual products, happy customers, and even pets and mascots. 

Since our goal is to make social media easy for our customers, we are offering a semi-professional photography session at a low cost for our customers.

An easy way to build this bridge is with photos of staff, actual products, happy customers, and even pets and mascots. 

Semi-Professional Photography Shoot


  • 1-hour photoshoot
  • Nets approximately 150 raw photos and 25 edited photos
  • Receive full licensing for all photos
  • Special Price $288.00 for social media management package customers, $460.00 without social media agreement.
  • Package only available within a 35-mile radius of Bossier City, La.

Good photography should be shown off!

Different social media needs, different social media packages.

Every business has different marketing needs. The Social Media Lady analyzes your social marketing goals and budget along with your other marketing efforts to recommend and execute an effective strategy.

Are you a small business that provides services to homeowners or other individual consumers B2C? If so, we have developed an excellent package that posts regularly and ensures the growth of your business profiles on the major platforms.

Our Retail & Restaurant package was designed with photography in mind! You will require a dedicated photography session once per month to showcase all the wonderful elements in your business.

We have learned that medium-sized businesses need dedicated special project time. This project time can always be increased as more social marketing expertise is required. 

And finally, we can piece services together for you as you need them! 

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The Social Media Lady is a constantly adapting social media agency that gets excited to exceed our clients' expectations. We serve the most value to those businesses without a social media professional on-staff.  We enjoy the unusual but can make stodgy look stimulating.  We want people to compliment your content. (C) 2020, Shreveport, Louisiana. 

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