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The Story of The Social Media Lady

A fleeting thought in 2012.

In 2012, Haley Reggio, the founder of The Social Media Lady, worked as a data entry clerk at an accounting firm in Shreveport, Louisiana. She was a single mother and struggled to support two young boys on an entry-level salary. She spent time on Facebook instead of money on sitters. During this time, she entered a Facebook contest for the popular local restaurant chain, Podnuh's Bar-B-Que. She WON! And that's how the Story of The Social Media Lady began!

We found this picture from 2012, posted on Podnuh's Facebook page. The winner (Haley Reggio) of the Podnuh's Facebook contest is shown here, accepting her shiny, new Kindle Fire from Podnuh's Bar-b-que owner, Sam Talkington.

It is rare NOW to win a Facebook contest, but in 2012 it was unheard of! The first answer Haley had to have was to the question 'How was the winner selected?" which was followed by many more questions to the lady who administered the contest.

  • How do you get paid for this?
  • What activities do you perform for Podnuh's daily? Weekly?
  • What else do you do Podnuh's Bar-b-que?

At this time Social Media Manager was not a job. It was something you did in your leisure time. Haley had yet to find her grown-up career but was actively searching! She dismissed the idea of having zero desire to be an entrepreneur.

Two years later, in 2014, Haley was climbing the corporate ladder spending 60 hours per week as an outside sales representative.  The time away from her kids and the substantial child-care costs motivated her to start searching for a different way of doing life. As she browsed Facebook on her Kindle Fire, she remembered the BBQ contest and the nice lady who made a living running Facebook contests. 

Haley started this business under Independent Sales Executives, LLC in her dining room. She offered social media account creation, publishing, troubleshooting, email marketing, and almost anything else marketing-related for which she could get paid. 

She relied heavily on her local BNI chapter - The Closers of Shreveport- to get the word out about the services she was offering. It is the BEST referral networking organization and a great way to launch a new business. We will get into the value of referral marketing in a later blog. Be sure to check them out on Facebook!

In 2015, she hired administrative staff and began teaching. First, she taught one-on-one classes but graduated to larger classes very quickly.  She published 2 class workbooks to accompany those classes. Many of the students were real estate agents, network marketers, and local small businesses from Shreveport, Bossier City, Haughton, Benton, and surrounding areas.  These folks still call Haley when they have referrals to give and questions to ask!

Social media videos have been a personal favorite. You can see many of the videos created since 2014 on our YouTube channel: 

This company outgrew not only her dining room but her home completely in 2017.  With new employees and larger service offerings, the company's physical footprint had to grow

The company purchased the studio and started running full-steam ahead! By this time, the company consistently published content daily to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Company, and Google for over 40 clients. We began writing blog articles and increased the quality of the videos produced for our clients. 

In 2019, Haley Reggio developed a rare form of cancer, forcing her to step away from the business for most of the year. By the skill and dedication of the staff and the grace of God, the business survived. Huge shout out to Darleen Reggio and Megan Warwick for keeping this business alive when Haley fought for hers. During some of her downtime, Haley began to dream and plan for the next phase of the business. 

In 2019, after winning her battle with cancer, Haley hired Terra Leigh, Social Media Manager.

Making Social Media Work for You

Terra Leigh works as a Social Media Manager and uses her expertise in Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, and Photography to create and execute solid social media marketing strategies for our clients.

Born and raised in Plain Dealing, Louisiana, Terra enlisted in the United States Marine Corps while in her Junior year of high school and left for basic training shortly after graduating in 2001.

She was stationed in California at Camp Pendleton, where she spent four years on active duty. During her time in the service, she deployed to Iraq in direct support of Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom.

While in the Marine Corps, Terra was awarded the following:

  • Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
  • Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal (Iraq)
  • Sea Service Deployment Ribbon
  • National Defense Service Medal
  • Navy Unit Commendation
  • Certificate of Commendation
  • Certificate of Appreciation

She is married and the mother to her 13yr old 'mini-me,' Taylor, and two fur-babies; Scout, a 5yr old American Staffordshire Terrier, and Stryker, a 1yr old English Bull Terrier.

Terra is a member of the American Poolplayers Association and, in 2018, competed in the APA 8-Ball World Championship in Las Vegas. While in Vegas, she had the honor of shooting an exhibition match against the formerly ranked number one female pool player in the world, Jeanette Lee, a.k.a. the 'Black Widow.'

Ask Terra her favorite quote, and she'll tell you, "Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she'll conquer the world!" -Marilyn Monroe

Be sure to keep The Social Media Lady on your radar over the next several years. We have GREAT things planned for the growth and development of this company, the social media industry, and entrepreneurs all over the globe.

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We offer a wide variety of services with packages & pricing to fit any business. 

From simple content creation and publishing to customized plans with weekly blogging and a monthly photography session.  Every business is different and deserves a social media marketing solution designed specifically with its goals in mind.

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The Social Media Lady is a constantly adapting social media agency that gets excited to exceed our clients' expectations. We serve the most value to those businesses without a social media professional on staff.  We enjoy the unusual but can make stodgy look stimulating.  We want people to compliment your content. (C) 2020, Shreveport, Louisiana. 

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