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Top 3 Items for Business Facebook Page Optimization

Facebook is used as a directory.

Today's Facebook Business Page is = to the Phone Book listing from the good old days. 

Your Facebook page takes the place of a phone book listing from the good ole days with so much more! ALONG WITH YOUR GOOGLE MY BUSINESS ACCOUNT!

  1. Basic Contact Information
  2. Services/Product Descriptions
  3. Reputation - Quality service can be proven Recommendations
  4. Education for potential customers
  5. Ability to inspire purchases

Top 3 things to regularly review and update on your business Facebook page.

Number 1. Cover Photo.

The cover photo is prime marketing real estate. If you set your profile picture to your recognizable logo, you can use all of the cover photo to promote special events, seasons, sales or even messages. 

A. Use a clear call-to-action inside the graphic. Now, there are always exceptions to the rules but generally you want a clear call-to-action. Even if you are listing your contact information, make sure you tell the audience what action you want them to take.

B. Upload new graphics regularly. You should change the cover photo at least four times per year, with the seasons. Each time you change there is a post to your page which generates interest. 

C. Check the graphic display on all screen sizes. Facebook has a tendency to move item placement on different screen sizes around.  You may be cutting half the picture off on a mobile display.

Number 2. About Section. 

This page is the most overlooked and easily the most important page on your Facebook Business Profile. If this information is incorrect or in the wrong place, it does not matter what you do on the rest of the profile. 

A. Contact Information. Seems pretty simple but it is so important. Make sure your contact information is up to date: hours of operation, phone numbers, websites, and email/messenger addresses. 

B. Keywords. Make sure you have deployed keywords throughout your about section, especially the 'About' part of the About section. Make it easier for your audience to find you!

C. Outbound Links. There is plenty of space available to list the links to your other digital assets (other social media profiles, blogs, or website.) These links help your blog and website and it is an easy way to direct traffic there. 

Number 3. Products/Services Page

If you have not created this page for your business do so immediately. Once again, this is free marketing real estate to show off whatever you desire. If a prospective customer/client finds your Facebook page, show them your services or products.  List your top 3 and keep these updated. These show automatically on your page, so they should be your showcase. You can list as many as you like, but I think 3-5 with an invitation to your website is appropriate.

A. Prices. If you choose to list your prices here make sure they are always kept up to date. If you do not update with a price increase, you may have to honor an old price.

B. Description. Keep these up to date with outbound links (how to buy or schedule) and clear calls-to-action.

C. Rotate picture regularly for the same reasons you rotate the cover photo. 


Review your PAGE ROLES often! Only grant admin status through page roles if you truly trust a person or agency. This status level has the authority to remove your admin status and delete the page among other things. 

Annual Optimization for Clients $85.00 must be requested.

This is not included in monthly maintenance but is included for new clients.

  • Keyword research – performed new for each optimization, keywords deployed in about section and services/product section.
  • Professional graphics created specifically sized for usage on Facebook.
  • Four (4) Facebook covers created to be updated at least once per quarter.
  • Optimize About Section
  • Up to 4 graphics created for products/services page. Additional products/services can be added.

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