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Who are you advertising to?

Unleashing the value in your company's social media profiles requires a consistent, strategically sound plan implemented for a sufficient length of time to succeed.

Strategy starts with 'Who is your audience?'

But, most clients hate the question, "Who is your target market?". They inevitably respond with "Anyone with… (skin, a car, a roof, etc.) Every social media manager knows that audience selection is the superhero of long-term campaigns.

We look for new followers the way Thanos seeks the Infinity Stones, relentless until we get results!

Advertising or marketing to people online requires science AND art. There are multiple channels in a single social media post to exploit for a specific audience. For example, think about the picture chosen. A picture of a hand-made tiara is most likely not going to grab a 40-year old man's attention. The audience also affects the types of fonts, the language, and the colors used. Having this vital information makes creating, curating, and sharing topical content easier with audiences likely to be engaged and interested in the offer or update.

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Advantages of Clearly Defined Audiences

Consistent Messaging. Consumers that see the same message repeatedly report a growing trust of that brand and are more likely to buy from them.  

Effective Ad Spend. Identifying the key traits of your audience reduces the dollars spent on non-targeted visitors.

Higher Quality Leads. An intelligently targeted campaign saves your company time. Instead of fielding untargeted inquiries, your team focuses on the most likely buyers.

Deliver Unique Content to the Right Audience

A cohesive audience selection strategy is the first step before making any other moves on a social network. Before pounding out content, do enough research to ensure that your content matches their interests. It's a straightforward move that will increase all other metrics.

When you know your audience well, you can create specific shareable content pieces for them. Each social platform has a clear front-runner for primary user demographics. You can't talk about Wonder Woman at a Marvel Convention and expect people to react positively. Not only are the demographics different, but so are the reasons people visit the sites. 

How do I figure out who my target audience is?

If you get stuck, think about your favorite client. Write down the answers to these questions even if you feel like your answer is silly. After that, think about your second ideal client. Finally, visualize the next client that comes to mind. Take your time and write down every detail that springs to mind as prompted. 

  1. What is their name?
  2. What do you like about him/her?
  3. Where do they live?
  4. What is their occupation?
  5. Are they married? Kids? Empty-nesters? Getting started in life?
  6. Are they a homeowner?
  7. What kind of music do they like? 
  8. What is their favorite store?

"I can do this all day" - Steve Rogers, Captain America.

You can use this as a Litmus test. Look at your newly created content and ask, "Would favorite customer A stop and read this?" 

If you want help with audience selection or social media management services, you have nothing to lose - and everything to gain by speaking with an expert. Schedule a consultation today!

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